Buy our pizza – We need the dough!

Pizza italy.png

If you know me, you know pizza is my best friend (Sorry besties if you found out you’re not my true besties through this post, haha.) When I received this from Astralia store to show off my decor skills, I was super excited and dived right in. This cute little outdoor pizza restaurant is amazing! The detail that went into everything is superb and will make anybody obsessed with pizza very happy. It is available at The Epiphany right now! (From 15th Oct.)



The Epiphany event

(Italian Pizza Gacha) – Apetta van, apetta lights, working station, sign, flour, fresh ingredients, tomato sauce, tables with and without cloth, boxed/Quattro formaggi pizza, boxed/Margherita pizza, leaving pizza, funny board, ingredients board & peel w/o pizza ~ Astralia store


Boxwood hedges ~ Botanical store


Fall Farrow garden wall kit ~ Apple Fall store


Windswept tree ~ Keke store

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