She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans

Paris pups.png

The holidays are nearly over, this month has been crazy after crazy and lots of busy days, which is not a bad thing because I got to do some stuff I haven’t done in a while, reconnect with family, reconnect with friends, find motivation in old hobbies and overall I’ve been happier this month than I have in the last 2 years. But saying that, I did take a bit of a step back from Second Life, I lost my motivation with blogging, I felt like everything I did wasn’t good enough, I went days without turning on my computer because I would just stand there on my platform with no creativity but I have set myself a goal to enjoy blogging again, do it the way that makes me happy and to stop comparing myself to other bloggers, especially with decor blogging, there are some very talented bloggers and I felt I’d never get to that level. Decor blogging is difficult and time-consuming in all steps, setting up, adjusting, editing, blogging, a few extra hours always went into decor blogging but I am going to put more effort into it because I know when I do it with all my effort I can create some pretty decor scenes.

Anyway, I am rambling on a lot here. Featuring in this post are two talented decor stores, Trompe Loeil and Foxwood. Trompe Loeil’s release is available at Uber now.


Uber event

Alessia tent loveseat ~ Trompe Loeil store


Lootbox event

Bed, food bowls, toys & pom dogs (Petit Pom gacha) ~ Foxwood store


Drawers, tea, sketch pile & rug (The Artist gacha) ~ Foxwood store


Paris Loft Skybox RARE ~ Apple Fall store


String lights ~ Half-Deer store

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