We are young

Elise skater.png

For the past month, I had taken a break from blogging, and from Second Life altogether actually to focus on real life and I really needed the break from the virtual world for a little bit, I had been feeling drained from the work  and people here but I am feeling refreshed and I am back and throwing myself straight back into blogging because that has been my passion and reason for logging into Second Life for the past three years.

I am also trying out a younger avatar style for some of my blogging as I feel there isn’t enough of these bloggers so some teens in Second Life might find these types of blog posts helpful, of course, I’d still be doing the risque kinda posts too for the adults.

Featuring OSMIA Showroom at Uber and Beusy at Kustom9 event

Also if anyone is interested in this avatar style the shape and style card is on my marketplace here



Genus babyface head  & Maitreya body


Uber event

Blake outfit ~ Osmia Showroom


Kustom9 event

Grime hairstyle ~ Beusy store 


Churro ~ Pewpew store


I always win pose set ~ Fashiowl poses

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