Review Policy

I love blogging in Second Life, there are so many designers on the grid, saying that means you have to understand that the stuff I blog is mostly my sponsor’s releases.

I prefer stores that use Blogotex because let’s admit, it is such an amazing organisation tool. With Blogotex I do promise to stick with the requirements such as amount per month. I love to play with styles all the time and I will take only what I know I will blog.  I blog because it is a hobby and hobbies are meant to be fun and for it to be fun for me I only review items that I feel comfortable with reviewing.

I do not blog explicit items, I feel comfortable with my blog being mostly clean posts, some of my photography might sometimes show adult content for art/photography purposes only, I do not blog pornographic content.

Thank you to the creators who gave me the chance to grow as a blogger and for myself to help you grow as a creator.

I would very much love to review any items passed to me or join events to help promote any items through my own reviews. View my Contact Me page to contact me about such topics, thank you