Miss Blossom’s cottage

This cottage is a new release from Scarlet Creative. She made this gorgeous Miss Blossom gacha and is available at Bloom event, It is so worth the play to win this adorable cottage and furniture additions. Scene Cottage RARE, rehab window & Curtains (Miss Blossom gacha) ~ Scarlet Creative store, Bloom event ♥ Washing line ~ Dust […]

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Make like a lighthouse and shine

Illuminate event will be open in two days! In the very first round, Serenity Style is participating in the event with this very cute San Borondon Natalia Lighthouse and will be available to purchase on 18th March. The lighthouse build is amazing and has very detailed textures, it will look great on any beach or […]

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The best journey takes you home

I love this little home created by Hive. It’s big enough for a couple to live comfortably, possibly on a farm setting, the worn down textures amaze me. Build ~ Annamae’s abode RARE, Hive ♥ Gia swing crib ~ tarte, Luxebox ♥ Snakeweed grass & KatsuraTree ~ Little Branch, Limit8 ♥ Tiny Forest ~ Alirium ♥ […]

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