Make like a lighthouse and shine


Illuminate event will be open in two days! In the very first round, Serenity Style is participating in the event with this very cute San Borondon Natalia Lighthouse and will be available to purchase on 18th March.

The lighthouse build is amazing and has very detailed textures, it will look great on any beach or water setting. The rocks are from Fanatik Architecture, with a little bit of resizing, the lighthouse fits perfectly on top. The dwarf forest trees are from Alirium, awesome landscaping creator. And finally, the seagulls, created by the animal store TLC.

Just let go – and fall like a little waterfall

bone girl.jpg

I thought I would be brave enough to try working with a green scene and water effects. For only learning the basics of photoshop I don’t think I did a bad job. For the water, I used textures inworld and the trees are called Tiny forest from Alirium, the rest is photoshop


Kora hair (Blonde) ~ Truth Hair 

Bone top, skirt & bento bone tail (Green) ~ Belle Epoque, We ❤ RP event

Tribal face & body tattoo ~ Mad’


A magical breeze

Outdoor Christmas.jpg

Winter months are closing in on us, but still warm enough to enjoy outside, with the help from Merak, I was able to put together this amazing outdoor dining area.


Table, benches & plate settings ~ Winter dining set Merak, Tannenbaum

Vintage ceramic Christmas tree ~ Hextaordinary, Tannenbaum

Glitter bottles ~ [ keke ], Uber

Potted rowan berries & dahlia jug ~ Dust bunny

Lantern ~ .peaches., Whimsical 

Cork candles ~ Zerkalo

String lights ~ Dust Bunny, Tannenbaum

Trees & grass ~ Alirium

Do not let your dreams always be dreams

Bunny edit .jpg

So I went into cuteness overload today and remembered I had these bunnies that I bought from The Gacha Garden. The Hair is gorgeous and a new exciting release from Runaway Hair


Hair ~ Nancy, Runaway Hair, Hairology

Top ~ Star, Blueberry, Collabor88

Leggings ~ Poppy, Blueberry main store release


Day hammock ~ moss&mink

Unicorn bunny RARE, BOX BUNNY rare, Blueberry bunny RARE, sleeping bunny, flower bunny, just bunny, carrot bunny, vines bunny, moons bunny, heart bunny & backpack ~ Bunny gacha, BananaN, The Gacha Garden

Grass ~ Alirium


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Dolly house Edit.jpg

Collabor88 has some of the most loveliest creations, including two in this picture. The house is a Scarlet Creative release and I absolutely love it. I saw the swing from tarte and I so needed to get it, they go great together!


House ~ Sylvia, Scarlet Creative, Collabor88

Victorian swing ~ tarte, Collabor88

Washline ~ Dust Bunny

Doll ~ Majia, love my doll gacha, !gO!

Grass ~ Itchy grass, Alirium

Dwarf Forest ~ Alirium