We are always searching for someone whose demons play with ours

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I saw this dress and boots set at Kustom9 from Zenith and my lovely sponsor, [ monso ], gave me the hair on the left with comes with these very cute ribbon earrings, the whole outfit fits together so much!



Hair ~ Hwee, [ monso ]Kustom9

Dress & Boots ~ Witch gacha (pink set), Zenith, Kustom9

Bag ~ Midsummer night gacha, Amitomo


Hair ~ Sohye, [ monso ]Kustom9

Dress & Boots ~ Witch gacha (purple set), Zenith, Kustom9


Backdrop ~ School Hallway, Focus Poses

Boho summer

Gypsy Sun (2).png

It was my birthday a few days ago so I was a little wrapped up in birthday fun but I am back to the norm of my life, kinda LAWL. Back enough to blog most days anyway. I made my way to FaMESHed and picked up a few things including this amazing hair created by [elikatira]. I also remember getting this gorgeous boho styled dress at SaNaRae in a AMITOMO gacha, I love this whole outfit, to top it off, these amazing parakeets completed the look, one of my favourite outfits ever!

outfit and props

Hair ~ Janiah,  [elikatira], FaMESHed

Dress ~ Natural Vibes gacha (12), AMITOMO, SaNaRae

Flip Flops ~ Ribbon flip flops, REIGN

Parakeets ~ Parakeet Pals gacha, HEXordinary, The Gacha Garden

Pizza ~ Beertime RARE (3), ChicChica, The Chapter Four

Location ~ Eclipse Tiny Places

Love from Down Under

Hey, Joey! Edit.png

The Gacha Garden has really awesome stuff this round! I think this gacha set made by KITE has to be my favourite! The joeys are so adorable! I even took a quick stop at FaMESHed and bought the cute gauntlets to match my romper which was previously bought from Uber, both from Zenith.

outfit and props

Hair ~ Natural vibes, AMITOMO, SaNaRae

jumpersuit ~ with no bag, Zenith, Uber

Gauntlet ~ leather bow gloves, Zenith, FaMESHed

Jumping, lazy, shy, playing, trusting, bai, RARE held joeys and Wagon RARE blue ~ Camp joey gacha set, KITE, The Gacha Garden

Blanket ~ Picnic at the Neva River RARE, [ Zerkalo ], gacha

books and cup ~ Magz, Candy Crunchers, gacha

Location ~ Whimberly