I solemnly swear I am up to no good

hp edit.jpg

Blogging for my sponsors has slowed down over the holidays so I have had time to complete some of my own photography idea, I have a big list of ideas and it is rare that I get to test them out, this is one I have wanted to do for a few weeks because I love Harry Potter.


Hair ~ Irma, Sintiklia group gift

Tank & sweater ~ Naya, SPIRIT

Poppy leggings, Blueberry

Leg warmers ~ Zenith


Castle RARE & secret bookcase ~ Bloodcroft gacha, DRD

Mirror of erised RARE & elder’s wand ~ Spell

Alohomora trunk ~ .peaches.

Mega spell center ~ DRD

frames pile ~ Mystery mansion 1 gacha, DRD

perched owl ~ HEXtraordinary

A magical breeze

Outdoor Christmas.jpg

Winter months are closing in on us, but still warm enough to enjoy outside, with the help from Merak, I was able to put together this amazing outdoor dining area.


Table, benches & plate settings ~ Winter dining set Merak, Tannenbaum

Vintage ceramic Christmas tree ~ Hextaordinary, Tannenbaum

Glitter bottles ~ [ keke ], Uber

Potted rowan berries & dahlia jug ~ Dust bunny

Lantern ~ .peaches., Whimsical 

Cork candles ~ Zerkalo

String lights ~ Dust Bunny, Tannenbaum

Trees & grass ~ Alirium

Where’s the crumpets at?

tea party EDIT 3.png

I got this outfit, dress and shoes from the new round of Uber, then I remembered that TMD had these cool colourful suits and I that they had a funky orange and yellow one and thought it would go perfect with my outfit.



Hair and bow ~ Lady, NEW Truth Hair mainstore release

Dress and shoes ~ Zenith, Uber


Hair ~ Reach, Stealthic

Vested suit ~ (Mango). Gizza, TMD


Animal topiary (dragon w lights RARE, snail with lights, butterfly with lights, flamingo with lights and bunny with lights) ~ Sway’s, Whimsical

Squirrel set (red) ~ La Baguette, Whimsical

Tea cups and tea pot ~ UnKindness

Table and chairs ~ Chester outdoor set, Apple Fall

Fireplace ~ Hampton outdoor fireplace, Apple Fall

Lotus candle ~ from boho meditation set, HEXtraordinary




In with the new, out with the old

in with the new edit (2).png

us edit.png

My partner and I thought we would step back in time a little for this picture, the main inspiration for this picture was hive‘s newest gacha, called Making a move, available on Pocketgacha this month. We are in the middle of getting our sim ready for Autumn and Halloween and we have some awesome ideas for it so hence the title of this post, all new look coming very soon.



Hair ~ Envy, Stealthic

Top and pants (one outfit together) ~ Zalika, Belle Epoque

Shoes ~ Oxfords, REIGN


Hair ~ Narcotic, Stealthic, N21

Shirt ~ Ed shirt (dotted old pink), Deadwool 

Pants ~ Peak suit (beige, wool), Deadwool


Red moving dolly with boxes, red empty dolly, trailer (RARE), covered couch, pile of boxes B, fresh tulips, bunny frame, hose, Daisy’s floor lamp, wheelbarrow, bird houses ~ hive, PocketGacha

Rocking chair, blanket stool, rainboot cart, braided rug, folding side table, step ladder, coat rack ~ Dust Bunny

Table RARE ~ Plastik

Pig ornament ~ *Chronokit*

Sleeping ragdoll, narwhal slippers ~ O.M.E.N

Parakeet manor (RARE) and Parakeets ~ HEXtraordinary

Skybox ~ Belong to you, HAIKEI

Fence ~ Apple Fall

Poses ~ custom made for the picture