You might lose your mind trying to understand me

Alice and the queen edit.jpg

I love anything to do with Wonderland and when I saw the Ask Alice set from Dead Dollz I so had to get a couple sets. I also had a Stealthic hair lying around that I thought was so for this themed picture for Alice.



Hair ~ Paradox (blondes), Stealthic 

Ribbon ~ Jana gacha (Head Ribbon [E]), :: MOMOCHUU ::

Dress & socks ~ Ask Alice gacha, Dead Dollz, Lootbox


Hair ~ Persphone (Browns) Stealthic

Head accessory ~ LODE

Dress RARE ~ Ask Alice gacha, Dead Dollz, Lootbox

Skin ~ Lidia, Glam Affair, Uber


Cutie pie!

pie day edit.jpg

When I saw this very cute messy baking set from O.M.E.N I needed it! It is featured now at N21. Another thing that I think is totally adorable, [Monso]‘s latest release, called Sohye, at this round of Kustom9.


Hair ~ Sohye, [Monso], Kustom9

Apron ~ Summer fete gacha, Tres blah

Leggings ~ Cake leggings (Red), Blueberry


Hair ~ Narcotic, Stealthic

shirt ~ Hugo (blue), Deadwool

Trousers ~ Peak suit, Deadwool


Kitchen ~ Apple Fall Plantation kitchen (white)

Unbaked raspberry pies, pieshell & dough,  Parchment paper, butter, corn starch, coconut flour, brown sugar, measuring spoons, rolling pin & dough, spilt flour, measuring cup, milk, scattered blueberries and Raspberries ~ Messy baking, O.M.E.N, N21

Ragdoll playing~ VIP gift, O.M.E.N

Darling hanging plant, hanging mittens, coffee machine, love birds & cage, basket table & wool zig zag rug, all single buys from Dust Bunny store

lovebirds, ballerina & tree ~ Organic wall ornaments gacha, [ Zerkalo ], Lootbox

Country kitchen cookbook ~ {What Next}

Apples ~ Apple orchard, JIAN

Stuck in Jumanji


I was so excited about this release from Belle Epoque and I so couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I am so grateful to be one of their lucky bloggers and got it early. It will officially be available for Lootbox, the amazing gacha event.


Hair ~ Hair play gacha (front blow), Tableau Vivant

Top, skirt, gloves & legs harness (Brown) ~ Intense power gacha, Belle Epoque, Lootbox

Face paint ~ Lalla, Mad’


Vines ~ Leafy vine 2m tall, Mesh Mania

Snake ~ Mangrove snake, TLC



Off with her head edit 1 (2).png

Lootbox event is one of my favourite events and I have bought so many things for picture ideas, my next great idea was to go back to my favourite thing, Disney and do a Queen of Hearts themed picture. WHOLE WHEAT have this awesome Wonderland themed background and I knew it was perfect for the picture, I even dragged my daughter into it to be Alice! haha


Hair ~ Besom, Lavender, Lootbox event

Crown ~ Wonderland (Queen’s Crown), AstraliaLootbox event

Dress ~ *tentacio* Sakiko dress. black red*, Lootbox event

Shoes ~ Iconic Doll, Blueberry gacha