Rewind is back, closer to us right now, the y2k times. I was only a teenager back then, but I sure do remember it. Madpea has some awesome interactive CDs to play, either on the CD player or the bulky computer that has the ridiculous dial-up, HAHA

Crinkle fries hair ~ Doe, Rewind event

Brit top & pants ~ Miss Chelsea, Rewind event

Black semller triceratops platforms ~ Hiemal, Rewind event

Riptide hair ~ Stealthic, TMD

Men’s T-shirt designs ~ Lenox

Broberry Jeans ~ Deadwool

Chase Sneakers ~ Deadwool

Big bulky computer RARE, CDs (All different songs that actually play), CD tower, clock radio, computer chair, desk, desk lamp and modem ~ Madpea Productions, Rewind event

Single bed ~ Those days gacha, VIBES

Annan sidetable ~ Apple Fall

[Y2K] Millennium Bug Companion . green & Road sign ~ Sway’s, Rewind event

Gym Scooter ~ Llama Inc, Rewind event

Rug ~ Sway’s


basketball fan edit.jpg

In real life, I really dislike sports so I struggled with the sports round of The Liaison Collaborative but at least I tried!


Alexandra hair ~ Limerence, The Gacha Guardians

Remy dress queen ~ Miss Chelsea

Betsy sneakers ~ Mosquito’s Way, The Liaison Collaborative


Sofa & wall art~ Sway’s, The Liaison Collaborative

Industrial coffee table RARE ~ Kunst

DVD shelf, framed jersey, game cabinet, hat display, shoe set, ball display, Jersey mannequin & remote control holder ~ David Heather

Bin Ball ~ Bad unicorn

Don’t go through life, GROW through life

Hayride Edit.jpg

Halloween is a few days away and the nights are getting darker as we get closer to the end of the year. I love this time of year.

Hay ride close up edit.jpg


Hair ~ Kaira with hat RARE, (Limerence)N21

Sweater & Skirt ~ Brea set, Miss Chelsea, Uber

Sorcha flats ~ Phedora, Uber


Hay ride RARE, bale adult,  bale single, fruit press, light pot, pennet string lights ~  Asher’s hay ride, Cheeky Pea

Fresh pumpkins signs, birch logs, pumpkin bouquets, candlesticks, pumpkin patch & centerpiece ~ SAYO, Uber

Cinnamon candle, lantern candle, lantern pumpkin ~ [ Zerkalo ]

Sunflower field ~ Little branch

Dirt road ~ HPMD

Scarecrow cat ~ O.M.E.N, N21

Apples ~ JIAN

Carved pumpkins ~ Sway’s

Let the good times roll while I rock!

80s rock.jpg

This set was fun to work with, it stretched my creativity and  I took a step out of my comfort ability and style I tend to stick with. This set is one of the newest releases from [ Zerkalo ].


Hair ~ Athena, VIP group gift, Truth Hair 

Top & pants ~ Judi set, Miss Chelsea, Uber

Glasses ~ Starie glasses, [since 1975]

Props ~

Guitar RARE, record player stand, record player, record clock, guitar lamp, the beat neon sign, music neon sign, music notes, rug & record table, Music is life gacha, [ zerkalo ], The Gacha Garden

Armchair RARE, ashtray and magazines & books ~ memories gacha, YS&YS

Backdrop ~ retro *3*, MINIMAL


Harry Potter edit.png

I am a huge fan of witch stuff, and one of my favourite kind is the witches from Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood is my idol and my inspiration for this picture, she is super sweet and innocent, just like me, LAWL, I wish I was.


Hair ~ Genesis, Stealthic

Top ~ Cate Tee, Miss Chelsea

Skirt ~ November Luxe Box, Blueberry

Shoes ~ Oxfords, REIGN

Pantyhose ~ {Nena}


Phoe shelf (RARE) ~ Vindeluna gacha set, Plastik

Table (RARE)  ~ Vindeluna gacha set, Plastik

Cranky baby mandrake & Phoenix with stand  ~ HEXtraordinary

Doll 1 ~ Chosen wizard, Garbaggio, The Arcade

Doll 2 ~ Unspeakable wizard, Garbaggio, The Arcade

Bottles, scales, books & quill ~ Mimble Wimble Potion Set, .peaches.

Serpent rising ~ Distorted Dreams

floor candelabra [wrought iron] & frame ~ hive

Wizard school books ( RARE), Anachron

Flying key ~ Half-Deer

Build ~ Myrtle, Scarlet Creative


Disco night

Disco night edit.png

Loving the new Blueberry release! It comes in different combinations of styles and colours. It was actually difficult to choose what colours to buy. I think the teal one is adorable!



Hair ~ Lady, NEW Truth Hair release

Top, legwarmers & sneakers ~ Tinker set, NEW Blueberry release

Skirt ~ Luxe Box Aug, Blueberry


Hair ~ Swan, LCKY, Thereafter

Top, legwarmers & sneakers ~ Tinker set, NEW Blueberry release

Skirt ~ Lexi, Miss Chelsea


Backdrop ~ Retro RARE, MINIMAL

Sofa ~ Stirling Sofa, Scarlet Creative

Wall plants ~ Plastik

Rug ~ Backstreet hideout, [ Zerkalo ]


girl time edit.png

In love with the stuff at the N21 event so I needed to get more than one colour for most of the stuff I really liked there, one of my favourites has to be the flawless (Reba) pants by Miss Chelsea.



Hair ~ Avail hair, Beusy, N21 event

Top ~ Tara Tank, Miss Chelsea (in store)

Pants ~ Reba pants (teal), Miss Chelsea, N21 event

Shoes ~ Herms kicks (white), [VALE KOER], N21 event


Hair ~ Baby girl, Foxy, N21 event

Top ~ Avla tank (Champagne), Miss Chelsea (in store)

Pants ~ Reba pants (berry), Miss Chelsea, N21 event

Shoes ~ Herms kicks (white), [VALE KOER], N21 event

Pose ~ Only girls, K&S 

Anarchy Generation

Rock that way edit.png

Rewinding back to the punk 70s, my rebel self has surfaced! This awesome pose  is from *!R.O!*, recently  a gacha set called Rock’d was released and has a lot more cool poses included in the complete set, each pose comes with a guitar, the RARE comes with a cigarette and a speaker to sit on.


Hair ~ Joy, RunAway Hair

Leggings and vest ~ Sidd set, Miss Chelsea, Rewind Event

Necklace ~ Ania, Lybra


Pizza, boxes, ashtray, beer, magazines and rug ~ Backstreet hideout, [Zerkalo], Kustom9

Bench and tapestry ~ Soy, Rewind Event