Life’s a garden. Dig it


Last Fifty Linden Friday I got inspired by a garden set from hive and it all just fell together and I love it

Little garden shed ~ ROOST

Vintage garden hose ~ hive

Purple snowdrop plant & watering can ~ hive

Potted plants & ladder ~ Grow collection, keke

Hummingbird bush ~ TLC

Avocado tree ~ Little Branch

Buffalo grass ~ Little Branch

Flower bush ~ Dysfunctionality

Stump & mushrooms ~ NOMAD

Potter table light RARE ~ Plastik

Hanging planter ~ PILOT

Seeds and hanging tools ~ Herb garden, Apple Fall

Stepping stones ~ Prestige furniture

Shepherd adult & pup ~ Scruffy shepherds gacha, Jian

Loving yourself isn’t vanity It’s sanity

white lace.jpg

.peaches. participated in deco(c)rate this month and brought out the loveliest fancy vanity set


Rita hair ~ Tableau Vivant, C88

Victoria lace dress & lace gloves  ~ Zenith

Necklace ~ Mandala, Uber


Vanity, seat & roses ~ .peaches., Deco(c)rate

Morning start. Coffe to go, Eclectic collectiom, snail mail, makeup bag & makeup clutter ~ Tres Blah

Velvet Drapes (Rose) ~ PILOT, C88

Suitcase 11 ~ !gO!

Lights ~ Floorplan, C88

Cozy cute

Rabbit cute edit.jpg

I was feeling in a cutsie mood today. Ever since I saw these cute gacha items advertised for The Arcade, I so needed to have them and was anxiously waiting to get my hands on them.


Hair ~ Shelby gacha, Doe

Pyjamas ~ Slumber party gacha, Tres Blah

bunny slippers with socks ~ Happy virus gacha, . offbeat .


S’moremallow bunny, cozy cute bunny, strawberry sweetheart bunny, Just woke up bunny,  Megadoom, Lord of Darkness bunny, hot cocoa bunny,  fierce foxy bunny & pizzapuff bunny ~ Lazypuff bunny gacha, Half-deer, The Arcade

Spike, Aloe Vera, pounce! & The artist RARE ~ CATctus gacha, NO, The Arcade

Wall console ~ sweet retreat, {moss&mink}, The Arcade

Laptop RARE, tack & chalkboard, shelf, books & mug o’ pens ~ Darling Desk gacha, Razzberry Inc, The Arcade

gram crackers ~ Smores gacha, PILOT

Pizza ~ Slumber party gacha, Tres Blah

Pose ~ Custom made by myself

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone ☪ ♥

Camping_002 (2).png

This week I took my amazing family camping and even brought some family friends along for the fun. We had a blast and so glad we did it, even if it was last minute and crazy planning and putting together and setting up our home for the week. The latest round of Uber is here and is camping themed! Perfect, my clothes for the week were easily chosen!


Hair ~ Taren, Truth Hair, Uber

Shirt & shorts with tied top ~ Zenith, Uber

Shoes ~ Creepers, Reign, Collabor88

 Items used are ~ Foxes, ionic, NANI, Aphrodite, {What next}, p.o.s.e, PILOT, Half-Deer, Zerkalo, [kres], Cute Poison