Life’s a garden. Dig it


Last Fifty Linden Friday I got inspired by a garden set from hive and it all just fell together and I love it

Little garden shed ~ ROOST

Vintage garden hose ~ hive

Purple snowdrop plant & watering can ~ hive

Potted plants & ladder ~ Grow collection, keke

Hummingbird bush ~ TLC

Avocado tree ~ Little Branch

Buffalo grass ~ Little Branch

Flower bush ~ Dysfunctionality

Stump & mushrooms ~ NOMAD

Potter table light RARE ~ Plastik

Hanging planter ~ PILOT

Seeds and hanging tools ~ Herb garden, Apple Fall

Stepping stones ~ Prestige furniture

Shepherd adult & pup ~ Scruffy shepherds gacha, Jian

Luxurious Loft

luxorious loft edit.jpg

I’m stepping into a luxurious life style with a stylish decorated loft, with help from .peaches. and Merak 


Hair ~ Tina, Limerence, Shiny Shabby

Louse & pants ~ Terry, Addams

Shawl & shoes ~ Diamond gacha set, Belle Epoque, PocketGacha



Skybox RARE & pillows ~ Genveve gacha, Concept, Kustom9

Chase longer, fireplace, fire, screen, candles & peace sign, .peaches., Uber (Opens 25th)

Hanging bed, breakfast tray, hot water bottles & masks, Snuggly nights set, Merak, District 20

Hula hoop lights & Sparkly lights ~ Merak, Shiny Shabby

Table & Chairs RARE ~ Vindeluna gacha, Plastik

Blankets ~ book nook gacha, Cheeky Pea




Harry Potter edit.png

I am a huge fan of witch stuff, and one of my favourite kind is the witches from Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood is my idol and my inspiration for this picture, she is super sweet and innocent, just like me, LAWL, I wish I was.


Hair ~ Genesis, Stealthic

Top ~ Cate Tee, Miss Chelsea

Skirt ~ November Luxe Box, Blueberry

Shoes ~ Oxfords, REIGN

Pantyhose ~ {Nena}


Phoe shelf (RARE) ~ Vindeluna gacha set, Plastik

Table (RARE)  ~ Vindeluna gacha set, Plastik

Cranky baby mandrake & Phoenix with stand  ~ HEXtraordinary

Doll 1 ~ Chosen wizard, Garbaggio, The Arcade

Doll 2 ~ Unspeakable wizard, Garbaggio, The Arcade

Bottles, scales, books & quill ~ Mimble Wimble Potion Set, .peaches.

Serpent rising ~ Distorted Dreams

floor candelabra [wrought iron] & frame ~ hive

Wizard school books ( RARE), Anachron

Flying key ~ Half-Deer

Build ~ Myrtle, Scarlet Creative


Disco night

Disco night edit.png

Loving the new Blueberry release! It comes in different combinations of styles and colours. It was actually difficult to choose what colours to buy. I think the teal one is adorable!



Hair ~ Lady, NEW Truth Hair release

Top, legwarmers & sneakers ~ Tinker set, NEW Blueberry release

Skirt ~ Luxe Box Aug, Blueberry


Hair ~ Swan, LCKY, Thereafter

Top, legwarmers & sneakers ~ Tinker set, NEW Blueberry release

Skirt ~ Lexi, Miss Chelsea


Backdrop ~ Retro RARE, MINIMAL

Sofa ~ Stirling Sofa, Scarlet Creative

Wall plants ~ Plastik

Rug ~ Backstreet hideout, [ Zerkalo ]

In with the new, out with the old

in with the new edit (2).png

us edit.png

My partner and I thought we would step back in time a little for this picture, the main inspiration for this picture was hive‘s newest gacha, called Making a move, available on Pocketgacha this month. We are in the middle of getting our sim ready for Autumn and Halloween and we have some awesome ideas for it so hence the title of this post, all new look coming very soon.



Hair ~ Envy, Stealthic

Top and pants (one outfit together) ~ Zalika, Belle Epoque

Shoes ~ Oxfords, REIGN


Hair ~ Narcotic, Stealthic, N21

Shirt ~ Ed shirt (dotted old pink), Deadwool 

Pants ~ Peak suit (beige, wool), Deadwool


Red moving dolly with boxes, red empty dolly, trailer (RARE), covered couch, pile of boxes B, fresh tulips, bunny frame, hose, Daisy’s floor lamp, wheelbarrow, bird houses ~ hive, PocketGacha

Rocking chair, blanket stool, rainboot cart, braided rug, folding side table, step ladder, coat rack ~ Dust Bunny

Table RARE ~ Plastik

Pig ornament ~ *Chronokit*

Sleeping ragdoll, narwhal slippers ~ O.M.E.N

Parakeet manor (RARE) and Parakeets ~ HEXtraordinary

Skybox ~ Belong to you, HAIKEI

Fence ~ Apple Fall

Poses ~ custom made for the picture

Dinner is better when we eat together

Dinner time edit.png

dinner time close up edit.png

Kustom9 has an awesome round coming up on Aug 15th. The food set is a Random.Matter gacha set called Mukbang. Yummy food! The outfit I am wearing is so cute and sexy, it is made by KITJA. It certainly pleased my guy when he saw it!

Outfit and props


Hair ~ Sensual, Stealthic, Collabor88

Top and shorts ~ Ginger set, KITJA, Kustom9

Shoes ~ June, REIGN


Hair ~ Hysteria, Stealthic, FaMESHed

Top ~ Henley shirt, Lapointe & BastChild Designs

Sweat pants ~ Gabriel

Table & Chairs RARE, zen garden, flatte planter, Lantern, Mahogany Hutch RARE, elephant trinket, verra mirrors, wallhanger, candela stand, grate wall planter, tassle decor ~ Plastik

Fried rice,  fore noodles RARE, kimbap, Fried chicken, chop sticks ~ Random.Matter, Kustom9

Bottles and wine glasses ~ [kunst]

kittens ~ Mischievous kittens ~ O.M.E.N

Backdrop ~ rooftop social, Sayo Scenes