I followed my heart and it led me to the fridge

love food.png

I’ve so wanted to use my Black Bantam adorable food set I got from The Arcade a while back, but I was waiting for the perfect opportunity. I saw these fabulous donut letters as Collabor88 and I knew then it was time to combine the two, then I added cute kitties to the theme.  My feature for this picture is the new adorable skin from Glam Affair, called Raquel.


NEW Raquel skin & makeup ~ Glam Affair store, Collabor88 event


NEW Nana hair ~ Tableau Vivant, Collabor88 event


NEW Deja blouse & shorts ~ Candy Doll store, Collabor88 event


Princess ears ~ SWALLOW store



Pose ~ Created for the picture by myself


Cute lazy fuzzy kittens, cereal bowl & sweetheart toast ~ Black Bantam store


NEW Donut letters & symbols ~ Dust Bunny store, Collabor88 event

Call me the devil, cos I will make you wanna sin

Seriously evil.png

Feeling devilishly cute today with this cutesy bob styled hair and the horns hairband, from Beusy at PocketGacha


NEW Basic liner ~ Unicult store, Lookbook event


NEW Nitrous hair & hairband ~ Beusy store, PocketGacha event


NEW Cary top ~ Miss Chelsea store, Uber event


NEW Princess ears ~ SWALLOW store, Kustom9



Pose ~ boi, bye set (7 used) ~ Foxcity store, Equal10 event


Max plushie ~ Beusy store, PocketGacha event

I wanna be that fantasy you got on your mind

elf 2.jpg

These new ears from SWALLOW are so awesome. I love the detail of the jewellery.


Fantasy eyes ~ Bloom store

Blush ~ MOMOCHUU store, Kustom9 event 

Giselle hair ~ Tableau Vivant store

Nolder elf ears ~ SWALLOW store, Kustom9 event 

Spring flower dress ~ Zenith, Collabor88 event

Erian tattoo ~ Stardust it’s magic store


ChoiBoi Mystic Forest Backdrop ~ Serenity style, The Liaison Collaborative

Elfie selfie

Elf family edit.jpg

Feeling magical and mystical we have turned into elves for this picture! Two things inspired me to do this picture, firstly, Black Bantam’s gacha from The Arcade, and secondly,  this awesome bodysuit from Belle Epoque at We ❤ Roleplay. The top part looked like two leaves to me and I so had to use it for a picture. We completed the mystical elf look with these awesome elf ears from Swallow, I have the elf ears and he has the unisex elf ears HD.



Hair ~ Hummimg, Moon.

Head Accessory ~ Thorns and Grace crown (white), *LODE*

Bodysuit ~ Sasa, Belle Epoque

Tattoos ~ Naria, Stardust, We ❤ Roleplay


Hair ~ Haunting, Stealthic

Pants ~ Heavenly warrior pants, Gabriel

Necklace ~ Vagabond Necklace, (luc), We ❤ Roleplay



Brown barrel bed ~ White and peony (PG), Trompe Loeil 

Elf baby, bob cat & star lanterns ~ [Black Bantam], The Arcade

I will be free!

blues edit.png

This outfit is from  Belle Epoque  and is in the first round of PocketGacha. The dress is a RARE and comes with a lovely variety of colours to choose from.

PocketGacha is the very first gacha event through a HUD, no getting frustrated at full sims and waiting days to get in, pop the HUD on and get playing your favourite stores gacha machines, there is two ways to play, either directly pay through the HUD or buy tokens from their sim if you don’t want the HUD having access to your lindens. Easy peasy.


Hair ~ Cinderella, RunAway Hair

Rare dress, Crown (White) and Staff (White) ~ Free Spirit gacha, Belle Epoque, PocketGacha

Rings ~ Aphrodite, Swallow