Sorting out life, one load at a time

laundry day.jpg

This laundry set is pretty awesome, Obviously, I added my own style to it with the graffiti and myself with the cutesy hair and clothing choice, which in fact is a collab release from Runaway Hair and Cynful.


Sady hair ~ Runaway Hair, Collabor88

Rainy baby hoodie & shorts ~ Cynful, Collabor88

Dahlia socks ~ Maitreya store


building, coin washer, gas dryer, machine pipe A & B, detergents, carts & metal table ~ Taikou, Uber

Trash can, vending machine [hot noodle] & udon ~ Soy

Shell bench ~ Soy

Snack, tres blah

Pose with Tumbler ~ Bento ground sits Vol1 fatpack, Foxcity

Take life like pizza, one slice at a time

Magic pizza girl edit.jpg

I’ve wanted to do this picture all week but got swamped with sponsor items.  All cutesy and pizza hungry


Mary Hair ~ Doe, SaNaRae

Tenna sweater & leggins ~ Evani, Uber event


Girl’s gotta eat RARE, love flower RARE, Book stack, broomstick, candles (Exclusive), cauldron, Crystal balls, Crystal potions, Ingredients, mortar & pestle ~ Magic Girl gacha, Random.Matter, The Epiphany event

Bed RARE, closet RARE, Mirror, lamp, curtains, chair & dresser ~ Princess room gacha ~ Nomi

Lovers bliss blanket ~ .peaches., Blush event

makeup bag RARE  & Make up clutter ~ Tres Blah

First Class Kitty – Luxury Toys – Snow ~ Half-Deer

Loving yourself isn’t vanity It’s sanity

white lace.jpg

.peaches. participated in deco(c)rate this month and brought out the loveliest fancy vanity set


Rita hair ~ Tableau Vivant, C88

Victoria lace dress & lace gloves  ~ Zenith

Necklace ~ Mandala, Uber


Vanity, seat & roses ~ .peaches., Deco(c)rate

Morning start. Coffe to go, Eclectic collectiom, snail mail, makeup bag & makeup clutter ~ Tres Blah

Velvet Drapes (Rose) ~ PILOT, C88

Suitcase 11 ~ !gO!

Lights ~ Floorplan, C88

Antique living

cottage life edit.jpg

New year, new things, and has Scarlet Creative brought us a fabulous new build, the Jardiniere Cottage, out today at C88!


Build ~ Jardiniere Cottage, Scarlet Creative, Collabor88

Greenwich bed, trunk, table, stool & chaise lounger ~ Scarlet Creative

Moody dresser, antique (white), Second Spaces, Collabor88

Sepia Peonies set ~ NOMAD, Collabor88

Apothecary cabinet, banana tree & swan  study ~ Apple Fall

Book stand pile ~ uK

Puffpuff slips ~ The Sugar Garden

Canvases, Memo board, books and suitcase clutter ~ tres blah

Steam punk rug ~ Bee Deesigns

Forest cats set ~ Jian, FaMESHed



Donut kill my vibe


Cheeky Pea store has some amazing creations and this set, from The Epiphany,  is one of my favourites, I love pastel colours and I love lazy days so this was on the top of my shopping list.


Hair ~ Kaira, (Limerence), N21

Top & Shorts ~ Sluber party gacha, Tres Blah

Slippers & socks ~ Juju, Kustom9


House ~ Gorgeous Rose, Scarlet Creative

Movie fort RARE, pastel bed, pouffe, sweetie jars, candles 1, 3 & 4 & hot coco basket, Cheeky Pea, The Epiphany

Bears (all colours fatpack) ~ MishMish

Donuts ~ Lost Junction

Litterally a photo frame ~ Rustic Accents gacha, .Peaches., N21

Country home console ~ Cheeky Pea

Vases ~ Autumn Warmth gacha, [ Zerkalo ], The Epiphany

Cutie pie!

pie day edit.jpg

When I saw this very cute messy baking set from O.M.E.N I needed it! It is featured now at N21. Another thing that I think is totally adorable, [Monso]‘s latest release, called Sohye, at this round of Kustom9.


Hair ~ Sohye, [Monso], Kustom9

Apron ~ Summer fete gacha, Tres blah

Leggings ~ Cake leggings (Red), Blueberry


Hair ~ Narcotic, Stealthic

shirt ~ Hugo (blue), Deadwool

Trousers ~ Peak suit, Deadwool


Kitchen ~ Apple Fall Plantation kitchen (white)

Unbaked raspberry pies, pieshell & dough,  Parchment paper, butter, corn starch, coconut flour, brown sugar, measuring spoons, rolling pin & dough, spilt flour, measuring cup, milk, scattered blueberries and Raspberries ~ Messy baking, O.M.E.N, N21

Ragdoll playing~ VIP gift, O.M.E.N

Darling hanging plant, hanging mittens, coffee machine, love birds & cage, basket table & wool zig zag rug, all single buys from Dust Bunny store

lovebirds, ballerina & tree ~ Organic wall ornaments gacha, [ Zerkalo ], Lootbox

Country kitchen cookbook ~ {What Next}

Apples ~ Apple orchard, JIAN

I wish you were here next to me…

Love from me to you edit.jpg

Yesterday I was dealing with a hangover so I wasn’t able to do much while recovering so I eagerly waited for Blueberry to release her latest items, this sexy bodysuit and a snug set of jeans/leather pants to go with it, the bodysuit has a version to be worn on its own or with pants and I love it.


Hair ~ Fatal, Stealthic, Kustom9

Bodysuit ~ Serena, NEW Blueberry release

Heels ~ Magic girl, REIGN


Bath bed ~ White, PewPew!, The Men’s Dept

Charmed books, bath bombs & lips phone ~Eclectic Collection, Tres Blah

Side table ~ Dust Bunny

Valintine’s Flowers, Flower box, blush love letters & Candy box ~ Stockholm&lima

Pose ~ Steamy-2, FOXCITY



Cozy cute

Rabbit cute edit.jpg

I was feeling in a cutsie mood today. Ever since I saw these cute gacha items advertised for The Arcade, I so needed to have them and was anxiously waiting to get my hands on them.


Hair ~ Shelby gacha, Doe

Pyjamas ~ Slumber party gacha, Tres Blah

bunny slippers with socks ~ Happy virus gacha, . offbeat .


S’moremallow bunny, cozy cute bunny, strawberry sweetheart bunny, Just woke up bunny,  Megadoom, Lord of Darkness bunny, hot cocoa bunny,  fierce foxy bunny & pizzapuff bunny ~ Lazypuff bunny gacha, Half-deer, The Arcade

Spike, Aloe Vera, pounce! & The artist RARE ~ CATctus gacha, NO, The Arcade

Wall console ~ sweet retreat, {moss&mink}, The Arcade

Laptop RARE, tack & chalkboard, shelf, books & mug o’ pens ~ Darling Desk gacha, Razzberry Inc, The Arcade

gram crackers ~ Smores gacha, PILOT

Pizza ~ Slumber party gacha, Tres Blah

Pose ~ Custom made by myself

Being a blogger

Blogger main edit.png

I really love being a blogger, it is my main passion and reason for logging into Second Life. I have been doing it for almost 2 years and even though at first I found it to be a challenge and a totally big learning curve, it is fun to see how I have progressed since taking an interest in photography and how you learn your own style of photography and blogging. My partner is constantly showing me one of my very first pictures I took a few years ago and I cringe so bad when I see it, but at the same time it helps me to see my progress and to keep going as all my hard work has been so very worth it. I have met some awesome people along the way, and I thank them for their support on my journey as a blogger.


Craft desk (pink, RARE), Coloured paper, chalk, sketch books, mannequins, watercolour palettes, glitter jars, Ribbons, Brushes  ~ Art Studio, Random.Matter

Memo center ~ (moss&mink)

Desk ~ Dorm life, Random.Matter

Foil balloons ~Golden and pink, MishMish

Laptop and bear (Blue), Noticed by senpai, Random.Matter

Snacks and memories ~ Slumber party, Tres Blah

Round cloche ~ Tres Blah

Makeup organizer ~ Tres Blah